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My Story

From as far as I can remember, I've always wanted to succeed at something meaningful in life. Early in my life, I followed my passion of being in a musician in the exciting world of "Show-Business". Although I never received a formal musical education, I was fortunate enough to join a working band in my early teens. There I was able to learn the tricks of the trade and gain an incredible amount of experience in all aspects of the industry. I had landed my dream job. 

Many years later, I would start my own band under my own business thanks to the experience I had gained over the years. I was able to marry my dream girl, started a family and eventually took my band to the top of the music industry. I was living the dream, enjoying the journey and building my music career year after year. I had embraced my music career with great enthusiasm. But that was all about to come down to a crushing halt. All of a sudden and with no warning, the world was hit by the Corona Virus. Many businesses that I though where safe (including mine), where now in serious trouble.

Many memories came flooding in of great business gurus that had warned us about this years earlier. If only I had listened and better prepared myself. After getting over my self pity and recovering from some anxiety attacks, I thought to myself I was going to use this opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I decided that no matter what, I was going to come out of this epidemic ON TOP. I vowed that I would never again put myself and my family in this situation. I was going to start all over again, but this time, very quickly get back on my feet. I am going to come back BIGGER & BETTER than ever.


I decided I'm going to look for a better business model. If my music business represented a house made of hay, I wanted my new business to be a double brick house with deep foundations. A business model that would be better prepared for potential world catastrophes. It had to  be stronger and mightier in every sense of the word. 


My next venture would have to be a recession proof business, with multiple income streams, the ability to work with international markets, able to handle multiple currencies, and not limited to borders or earning potentials.  This new business would ideally have the ability to build and acquire assets that will never demonetize, have a long track record and highly ethical. It would have the ability to raise up leaders and build stronger communities like never before. Most important it will have to be blessed by the very hand of the living God Jesus Christ himself, and for that I will humbly give him all the Glory.

After many years of studying the market place...


I found it !!!


So here it is:


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